Access Control

Access Control systems offer a wide range of options, such as biometric, motion, proximity, keypad, key and card triggers.

In a biometrically activated access control system, entry is controlled by fingerprint, retina, iris or hand geometry scans; these systems are typically used in locations requiring high levels of security, such as government and military facilities, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories, and technology centres.

Proximity and motion access systems represent the opposite end of the spectrum, and are activated by movement or location; various auto garages and retail stores use these types of systems.

Key and card activated systems allow companies and facility owners to monitor access, including time, date and personnel logging; these systems are regularly used in business offices and similar locations. Keypad access allows for a low-security lock accessible to visitors and guests, and these systems are effective solutions for partial security in high-traffic areas.

TSD is an approved installer of Axiom 5 and Axiom Lite (ARAS RBH Systems) we also have a great deal of experience with PAC, Paxton, BPT, Videx, Fermax and TDSI systems.